Christian Jervelund

Managing Partner

Christian Jervelund helps clients succeed in regulatory management and design.

He is a skilled mediator, negotiator and public speaker; abilities that serve to increase the client’s value of his analytical work.

Christian heads our Natural Resources and Healthcare & Life Sciences services, as well as our innovative work in the area of behavioural economics.

He has nine years of experience working with business policy in Greenland, particularly with extraction industries.

Christian has been in charge of developing an economic simulation model for Value Based Health Care for Novartis, a strategy for the Life Sciences industry in Denmark for Novo Nordisk and currently advises Australian mining company Tanbreez in its pursuit of an exploitation license for Rare Earth Elements in Greenland.

I possess mediation and negotiation skills which enable me to further the interests of my clients and reach win-win outcomes based on our economic analysis
Christian Jervelund


Phone: +45 2871 3035
Office: Copenhagen
Education: M.Sc. (Economics)

Recent work

The Government of Greenland Greenland’s Mineral Strategy 2020 – 2024
The Danish Association of Parallel Importers of Pharmaceuticals The economic impact of parallel imports of pharmaceuticals