The use of auctions to help in the distribution and procurement of scarce resources and services is increasing. From government agencies who allocate precious licenses for radio waves, to mobile phone operators, to private companies wanting to optimise their supply chain across multiple services and territories, auctions have proved a critical tool in finding efficient, justifiable solutions.

Using our extensive experience with spectrum auctions, we help clients who are preparing to host an auction, as well as those participating in one; providing advice on the most suitable formats and on how to secure the best outcomes. We help clients to understand the opportunities and risks involved, in order for preparation and execution to be successful.

We have profound experience with Auction Mechanism and Process Design, Game and Auction Theory, Bid Strategy Development, Auction Platform Provision, Combinatorial Optimisation, Quantitative Analysis and Computational Simulation, Resource Packaging and Lot Definition. 

We help our clients with

We help both bidders, governments and regulatory authorities in high stakes wireless spectrum auctions. We have great experience advising on auction mechanism design, provision of auction platforms and developing winning strategies on auction mechanisms such as the Combinatorial Clock Auction (CCA), the Simultaneous Multiple Round Ascending Auction (SMRA), and Clock Auction.

  • Auction bidding strategies: We advise on bidding strategies based on analyses of the specific auction format and the likely strategies of other participating companies.

  • Training of auction teams: We train internal auction teams to familiarise them with the rules, opportunities and potential pitfalls related to the specific auction format.

  • Auction design: We help sellers to design the auction format which is best suited to their objectives. When designing auctions, we work closely together with programmers to deliver a full, tailored solution, containing auction software, auction format advice and auction material, to the client.

  • Quantitative support: We support auction teams with tailored auction support software, price calculation software, simulation software or valuation exercises.

Purchased products and services can account for a significant share of a company’s total costs. By applying game and auction theory to the procurement space, we can optimise supplier bids and parts of the supply chain simultaneously. This can lead to significant increases in profitability, robustness, and security of supply, If done well, it can even lead to a strengthening of supplier relationships.

Auctions are an open, transparent and non-discriminatory way of allocating public procurement contracts. The rules of the process matter a great deal, and significantly affect suppliers’ incentives to bid frankly. We can help uncover whether you have been subject to strategic bidding or help refine the process rules to ensure that your statutory objectives are met. 

From fishing quotas, through mineral extraction rights, to increasingly scarce IPv4 addresses, auctions are being used to create markets for, and trade scarce resources. Do you have a resource allocation problem? Are there regulatory or other practical constraints on the allowable outcome? We can help - all the way from design to implementation.

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