About us

Hard facts. Clear stories.

We are economists, passionate about solving real life problems. Every day, our experts strive to present new insights and bring a new perspective to every case or project. We provide the best economic arguments and empirical evidence, presented in a transparent and objective way – well-founded and to the point. We call it Hard facts. Clear stories.


Non-Danish employees



Highly educated



  • Established in 2000
  • Offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Brussels
  • Single expertise: Economics
  • 70 employees
  • Multiple nationalities: Danish, Swedish, Finnish, German, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian
  • Partner-owned
  • Private limited company
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Copenhagen Economics A/S

Copenhagen Economics is the leading economic consultancy in the Nordic region. Founded in 2000, the firm employs more than 70 staff and operates across the world. The Global Competition Review (GCR) lists Copenhagen Economics as one of the top 20 economic consultancies in the world and has done so since 2006. 

We provide independent advice based on established research methods, and our experts have in-depth sector knowledge.

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