We help you build and convey the best economic argument when you engage with the competition authorities

Dispute Support

We help you build the best possible economic argument and communicate it to courts and arbitrators

Energy & Climate

We help you by assessing the impact of policy designs and advising on utility sector regulation

Finance & Tax

We help you understand the economics behind public finances and financial market regulation, focusing on policy design and measuring the effects of policy changes

Healthcare & Life Sciences

We help you with the economics of value-based healthcare and advocacy in life sciences

Internal Market

We help you prepare for trade related opportunities and challenges in an increasingly globalised world

IP Valuation & Transfer Pricing

We help you by quantifying the economic value of various kinds of intellectual property and intangible assets

Natural Resources

We help you demonstrate economic value and maximise value of society’s resources through policy reform

Postal & Delivery

We help you understand, predict and solve problems within postal and delivery markets

Technology, Trade & Economic Growth

We help you by assessing the economic impact of regulatory and technological change in an increasingly globalised world

Tender & Auction Support

We help you when organising or bidding in tenders and auctions


We help you with implementation of economic regulation, measuring of economic impact, and in competition policy matters within all types of transport