Natural Resources

Our Natural Resources team works with private and public sector clients in Greenland and beyond. 

The commercial reality of mining and exploration companies is becoming increasingly complex. Growing digitalisation and technological advances, tougher regulatory requirements and social demands mean that companies risk having to put down more money up front when cash inflow is limited or non-existing, as opposed to when operating income can fund capital expenses. This generally poses a concern for investors, who may respond by selling off shares, which pushes down the market cap.

As permitting processes are getting longer and more unpredictable, the value of miners’ and explorers’ assets becomes less certain as well. Companies must find ways to reduce regulatory risk in equally efficient ways as they develop their assets through e.g. geological studies. Similarly, host countries must ensure transparent regulatory frameworks and apply them in a predictable way to remain attractive to miners and explorers.

We use economics and regulatory insight to help you navigate or regulate the mining landscape. Our team of experts is specialised in the economics and regulation of mining and have experience working with public and private clients across the Nordics and the Arctic.

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We help our clients with

  • Navigating and managing increasingly non-transparent and demanding licensing processes
  • Demonstrating the economic value of a project and making it count against increasing requirements for local investments, benefits and jobs
  • Understanding documentation requirements and decision making processes with the authorities
  • Modelling the economic impact of regulatory changes and benchmarking against best practice from leading mining jurisdictions globally
  • Departing from national strongholds and competitive advantages to remain attractive
  • Understanding the commercial reality of the private sector  

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