Greenland & Mining

Our Greenland & Mining team works with private and public sector clients in Greenland and beyond. We help governments design reforms in key infrastructure areas of the economy such as airports, telecoms, and the fishing industry. We help mining companies understand and document the economic impact and potential of their projects and to transform those insights into negotiation strategies for obtaining the exploitation license. We call this shared value strategies, which we advise on not just in Greenland but globally.

We bring together private and public stakeholders and mediate negotiation-based solutions backed by economic modelling and analyses. We believe that this approach provides for a more efficient process for developing regulation while making implementation that much easier.

We assist our private sector clients with impact assessments and license negotiations in the extractive industries. Our approach to shared value creation ensures that both communities and companies benefit. Community needs as well as company strongholds and business models are our starting points for co-creating local economic value. We believe that this provides self-sustainable outcomes and lasting economic impact. 

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We help our clients with

We advise on how to reform concession agreements in infrastructure sectors to reach economic efficiency, political objectives, and benefits for households and companies.

We assist clients in complex negotiations by designing negotiation strategies and evaluating negotiation levers for mining companies and authorities. We advise on shared value strategies for creating maximum local wealth at the lowest cost for business, or as we like to call it: Getting better deals faster.

We evaluate the socio-economic impact of large-scale projects, as well as changes to policy and regulation.

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