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How we should use and prioritise our natural resources in a sustainable way is becoming increasingly important in policy and regulation. Ensuring economic, social and environmental sustainability all at the same time can, however, be difficult to achieve departing from traditional legislative and regulatory practices.

Our Natural Resources team works with private and public sector clients in the areas of fisheries and exploration and mining of minerals and metals. We advise governments on efficient policy design and regulation and private clients on strategy and impact analysis using economic modelling and sector expertise.

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The increasing popularity of market-based fishery management such as the ITQ system has brought rationalisation, increased efficiency, and profitability in the industry. Regulation has, however, increased the quota concentration and taken its toll on traditional small-scale fisheries, reducing employment opportunities in rural areas depending heavily on the fishing industry.

These tendencies are raising political concerns all over the Nordics. Governments and NGOs are considering ways to safeguard the livelihoods of small-scale fishermen, sometimes at the expense of market-based mechanisms and overall economic value creation.

Our team is specialised in advising governments and private clients on quota and license auction design, reform strategies in the fishing industry, and in using economic modelling to clarify the trade-offs between economic efficiency and political objectives.

The commercial reality of exploration and mining companies is becoming increasingly complex. An increased focus on sustainable use of resources, taxes and government - take along with a, generally, growing scepticism towards natural resources extraction - has made permission processes longer and more unpredictable. As a result, the expected value of assets becomes uncertain and companies must find ways to reduce regulatory risk as they develop their assets through e.g. geological studies. Similarly, host countries must, on the one hand, ensure transparent regulatory frameworks to remain attractive to investors while, on the other hand, foster sustainable development in the industry.

We use economics and regulatory insight to help our clients navigate and regulate the metals and minerals landscape. Our team of experts is specialised in the economics and regulation of mining and have experience working with public and private clients across the Nordics and the Arctic.

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