Natural Resources

Our Natural Resources team works with private and public sector clients in Greenland and beyond. 

The increasing popularity of market-based fishery management such as the ITQ system has urged rationalisation, increased efficiency, and profitability in the industry. Regulation has, however, increased the quota concentration and taken its toll on traditional small-scale fisheries, reducing employment opportunities in rural areas which depend heavily on the fishing industry.

These tendencies are raising political concerns all over the Nordics. Governments and NGOs are considering ways to safeguard the livelihoods of small-scale fishermen, sometimes at the expense of market based mechanisms and overall economic value creation.

Our team is specialised in advising governments and private clients on reform strategies in the fishing industry and in using economic modelling to clarify the trade-offs between economic efficiency and political objectives. We mediate and facilitate strategic processes to reach lasting policy outcomes for all stakeholders.

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We help our clients with

Based on our international experience, we advise on strategies to support small-scale fisheries, focusing on high-quality niche products creating value added on their own merit.

We assist our private clients by documenting their economic contribution to society in economic footprint-analyses. We find that these analyses open for a constructive dialogue with authorities – today or in the future – about regulatory issues which are important to the client.

We bring together private and public stakeholders and mediate negotiation-based solutions backed by our specialised economic modelling and analyses. We believe that this approach provides for a more efficient process for developing regulation while making implementation that much easier.

We evaluate the financial and socio-economic viability of infrastructure or large-scale projects as well as the effects for households, businesses and public finances. We advise on how to reform concession agreements in infrastructure sectors to safeguard economic efficiency as well political objectives.

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