Digital Economy

The communications and internet industries are making significant and ever increasing contributions to the economy – spilling over a large number of sectors. However, it can be difficult to measure the impact of the digital revolution on the economy and on society as a whole. An equally challenging, yet pivotal task for policy makers is the adaptation of regulatory frameworks to enable maximum digital economy contribution and growth.

Our Digital Economy team helps clients by assessing the economic impact of various digital economy activities. We do this by linking the economic and social contribution to the regulatory and legal provisions underpinning them. We also help to make the case for policy changes in order to tap into the full potential of the digital economy sector.

We help our clients with

We help our clients understand the economic rationale of regulatory provisions for digital economy services and to what extent they remain relevant, recognizing that such provisions can be a complex mix of ‘old’ telecoms and data security/privacy regulations. 

We measure the economic impact of digital economy activities, based on state-of-the-art methodologies consistent with guidance from for example the OECD. We assess the direct contribution in terms of GDP and employment, while also measuring indirect spillovers across sectors and productivity effects.

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