The Irish Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation

TTIP impact in Ireland

Client challenges
Ireland has strong trade and investment relations with the US, and a TTIP agreement would provide both opportunities and challenges for the Irish economy.

The European Commission assesses the economic impacts of proposed trade reforms on the EU as a whole – not on individual countries. 

CE approach
We conducted detailed model simulations for the Irish economy using the same data, models and scenarios applied by the DG Trade to ensure that results are consistent with the EU-US impact assessment.

We carried out a series of stakeholder meetings to gain an understanding of sector-specific issues and cross-cutting areas of particular importance to Ireland, e.g. the implications for foreign investments into Ireland.

Benefits achieved
The analysis quantified the overall impacts of TTIP on the Irish economy and identified sectors where new opportunities are likely to arise.

The  analysis also enabled the Irish Government to prepare for adjustments in sectors that are likely to be challenged by the TTIP agreement. 


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