Palle Sørensen

Senior Economist

Dr Palle Sørensen helps market participants, especially in the area of Finance & Tax, to design efficient financial regulation and assess its impact.

He has great knowledge of the intricacies in financial market and real economy, and in conducting a wide range of econometric analyses.

Palle especially excels at applying economic theory to real world problems.

Prior to joining Copenhagen Economics, Palle worked as an Economist at the Danish Financial Crisis Commission, Kraka. He has taught several courses at the University of Aarhus including risk management and investment and finance.


Phone: +45 2685 4153
Office: Copenhagen
Education: Ph.D. (Economics)

Recent work

Danish Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs Characterisation of high-growth entrepreneurs
Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (Svenskt Näringsliv) Future taxation of company profits: What to do with intangibles?
FSR – Danish Auditors (FSR – Danske Revisorer) Auditing requirements and the effect on the tax gap

Areas of expertise

Finance & Tax