Niels Christian Fredslund

Senior Economist

Niels Christian Fredslund helps public and private sector clients by modelling and assessing the economic impacts of a specific regulation policy.
He uses econometric or economic modelling tools to provide the evidence that makes effective strategic and policy decisions possible.

Niels Christian specialises in econometrics, input-output modelling and CGE modelling. He assists in dispute support cases, where high-level econometric expertise is needed.

He has great experience working with a wide range of sectors, including tourism, pharmaceuticals, pension services and extraction of raw materials.

Among those who have benefitted from Niels Christian’s experience and expertise are the The Employers' Association of Greenland, where he has helped to analyse the economic footprint of the fishing industry in Greenland. 

I use my expertise in econometrics, input-output modelling and CGE modelling to model and assess the economic impacts of a specific regulation policy
Niels Christian Fredslund


Phone: +45 5373 2308
Office: Copenhagen
Education: M.Sc. (Economics)

Recent work

Danish Pelagic Producers Organisation, Danish Fishermen's Organisation, Danish Seafood Association, Marine Ingredients Denmark and Danish Ports The economic footprint of the Danish fishery sector
Folketingsmedlem Magni Arge The aviation industry's economic footprint