Morten May Hansen


Morten May Hansen helps clients by combining data analysis, economic theory and applicability in a simple format that can be used to create policies.

He particularly excels at combining datasets and secure consistency between micro and macro variables in footprint analyses.

Morten’s experience with trade and foreign direct investments and policies is especially valuable to the Trade & Internal Market team’s work with designing policies and creating attractive business environments for our clients.

Prior to joining Copenhagen Economics, Morten worked for Maersk Procurement where he gained experience in a global environment. 

I excel in applying complex economic theory to help clients design attractive policies


Phone: +45 6134 1208
Office: Copenhagen
Education: M.Sc. (Economics)

Recent work

Danish Pelagic Producers Organisation, Danish Fishermen's Organisation, Danish Seafood Association, Marine Ingredients Denmark and Danish Ports The economic footprint of the Danish fishery sector

Areas of expertise

Trade & Internal Market