Martin Bo Westh Hansen

Managing Economist

Martin Bo Westh Hansen heads our Energy & Climate service, and helps businesses and policy makers to design regulation and predict the impact, primarily in the areas of Energy & Climate, and Finance & Tax services.

Martin has extensive experience in using qualitative and quantitative analysis to assess the impact of regulation.

He particularly excels in the application of complex analytical techniques such as partial equilibrium modelling and cost benefit analysis.

Martin’s expertise has, among others, helped clients such as Vestas, Tesla, Ørsted, the European Commission, Fertilizers Europe, Energinet and the other Nordic TSOs within topics such as subsidies to renewable energy, electricity market design, the EU ETS and carbon leakage.

I have extensive experience with using complicated analytical techniques to analyze energy and climate economics and policy
Martin Bo Westh Hansen


Phone: +45 2333 1820
Office: Copenhagen
Education: M.Sc. (Economics)