Karl Lundvall

Managing Economist

Dr Karl Lundvall helps clients with economic arguments and analysis in competition law cases, providing support which helps them present their cases convincingly.  

He specialises in competition and regulation cases where he excels at clearly arguing for example the value creation that stems from sound competition in various markets.

Karl’s breadth of experience and expertise has helped, among others, the Swedish Competition Authority, when in need of innovative ideas on how to solve the well-documented efficiency problems in public procurements. The findings of the study contributed to a more constructive debate on the efficiency of public procurement in Sweden.

Karl spent seven years working for the Swedish Competition Authority and taught economics at the University of Göteborg.

I advise large Swedish and international companies in merger, dominance and cartel cases before competition authorities and courts
Karl Lundvall


Office: Stockholm
Education: Ph.D. (Economics)

Recent work

The Swedish Social Insurance Inspectorate (Inspektionen för socialförsäkringen) The assistance market – profitability and competition