Jonas Bjarke Jensen

Senior Economist

Jonas Bjarke Jensen helps both policy makers and private sector clients understand what drives changes within the financial sector.

He has extensive experience in banking economics and macro-finance, and has a profound understanding of the link between the real economy and the financial sector.

Jonas’ breadth of experience and expertise has helped private sector companies with, for example, analysing how the Scandinavian banking markets will be impacted by digitalisation or new regulation.

Prior to joining Copenhagen Economics, Jonas worked in Danske bank with capital planning and in the Danish Ministry of Finance with economic forecast and impact assessments.

He has also taught macroeconomics at the University of Copenhagen.

I especially excel at impact assessments and macro-finance


Phone: +45 2619 4178
Office: Copenhagen
Education: M.Sc. (Economics)

Recent work

Forsikring & Pension and Finans Danmark Finanssektorens klimapartnerskab - Baggrundsrapport
Swedish Bankers’ Association (Svenska Bankföreningen) IMPACT OF THE FINAL BASEL III FRAMEWORK IN SWEDEN

Areas of expertise

Finance & Tax