Bjarke Modvig Lumby

Senior Economist

Bjarke Modvig Lumby helps clients with economic modelling within a range of areas including energy and climate, international trade and competition. He helps policy makers by providing clear stories based on intuitive and comprehensible models.

He is specialised in power market economics, climate policies and digitalisation within the energy sector. He particularly excels at conveying insights based on economic theory.

Bjarke is an expert modeller with experience in a wide array of modelling techniques including partial and general equilibrium models and econometrics. He has contributed his extensive experience in CGE modelling to a number of studies in the areas of energy and climate and international trade.

Bjarke Modvig Lumby


Phone: +45 4236 8898
Office: Copenhagen
Education: M.Sc. (Economics)

Areas of expertise

Energy & Climate