Amanda Stefansdotter


Amanda Stefansdotter helps clients design and evaluate public policy.

She is specialised and experienced within the fields of Health Care & Welfare, and Energy & Climate, as well as regional development, where she provides both qualitative and quantitative analyses.

Amanda particularly excels in presenting complex economic results in a clear and comprehensible manner.

Her expertise and experience within these areas have contributed to, among others, a project for The Nordic Council of Ministers about the use of economic strategies in Nordic environmental policy.

I am specialised in economic instruments that aim to correct market failures and ensure well-functioning competition
Amanda Stefansdotter


Office: Stockholm
Education: M.Sc. (Economics)

Recent work

Swedish Energy Agency and the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning Multiple benefits of energy renovations of the Swedish building stock
The Association of Online Gambling Operators (BOS) Licensing system for online gambling