Our Business survey Greenland is out

The Greenlandic economy has been in a financial boom, and preliminary statistical data indicates that the growth continued in 2019. However, labour shortage is negatively affecting more than 90 percent of businesses within construction and fishing, lowering their expectations for 2020.

Those are some of the main conclusions from our latest Business Survey Greenland, which is published every six months. 

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Anna Möller Boivie speaks at Capitol Hill Conference on Postal Reform

Today, Managing Director Anna Möller Boivie is in Washington D.C. to speak at Capitol Hill Conference on postal reform. 

The conference examines issues from a variety of perspecitves and addresses topics such as:

  • What should be the definition of the Universal Service Obligation and how should the definition be determined?
  • What are the potential taxpayer liabilities related to USPS, particularly if postal reform is not enacted? Does the Postal Service face a potential liquidity crisis?
  • The U.S. Treasury Department released a Postal Service Task Force report in December 2018, recommending both administrative and legislative actions. Which suggestions should be implemented? Which are non-starters?
  • Can the Postal Service meet its retirement obligations to its hard-working men and women?

Anna will speak about the defition of the postal USO and experiences from other countries. 

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Invitation: Our annual Postal & Delivery conference

We are pleased to invite you to our annual Postal & Delivery conference 19 May 2020 in Copenhagen.

As usual, the conference sessions will cover national and international economics, strategy, and policy topics of current relevance to industry business and policy decision makers. In particular, we look forward to discussing inter alia:

  • Postal reform across the globe: going beyond preconceptions of the postal sector
  • The role of the State informing postal & delivery markets
  • E-commerce and delivery developments: innovation and strategic regulatory questions
  • Market analysis, industry structure, scope of regulation and competition

We look forward to welcoming clients, decision makers, and industry leaders to participate in the discussions.

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Greenland’s new mineral strategy is out!

Copenhagen Economics have assisted the Mineral Licence and Safety Authority on Greenland’s Mineral Strategy 2020 – 2024.

The strategy contains five focus areas, each with a detailed list of milestones and hands-on measures to be taken during the strategy period. The goal of the strategy is to strengthen the mineral industry in Greenland by improving the conditions for licence holders and ensuring that Greenland reaps the benefits.

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Verneri Miettinen joins Copenhagen Economics

Copenhagen Economics is proud to announce the hiring of Verneri Miettinen as an Office Assistant. He joins our Helsinki office.

Verneri is currently pursuing a B.Sc. in Economics at the University of Helsinki. At Copenhagen Economics, he will join our Business Support Team. In his role as an Office Assistant, he will ensure that operations and day-to-day administration run smoothly in our Helsinki office.