Sigurd Næss-Schmidt speaks at EEMI Bauhaus Event

Today, Partner Sigurd Næss-Schmidt will present on the “Transition to a carbon-neutral economy: opportunities and perspectives” at the third EEMI Bauhaus Event at 14.00 - 16.00 (CET), focusing on how the financial sector can contribute to decarbonising the EU economy.

Sigurd Næss-Schmidt will also expand on significant decisions which the EU is soon to make in the context of the opportunities and perspectives facing various sectors and countries in assessing the effects of the green transition on assets prices.

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Spectrum cap to cost Danish consumers DKK 3.7 billion if left unchecked

Copenhagen Economics has submitted its analysis to 3 Denmark advising on the potential market outcomes if the Danish Energy Agency (ENS) does not change the cap for the spectrum that Denmark’s largest MNO, TDC, can acquire in the upcoming 5G auction.

In the current scenario, our research shows that TDC would be able to increase 5G prices by up to 16 percent, meaning its competitors would have to fight for the remaining customers by engaging in a price war. Ultimately, the Danish consumers would face an average price increase of 3.4% compared to a situation where the cap is changed, which would amount to additional charges totalling DKK 3.7 billion over the coming years.

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New vacancy: Senior Transfer Pricing and Valuatoin Consultant

We are currently looking for a Senior Transfer Pricing and Valuation consultant with excellent economic and project management skills.

Working at Copenhagen Economics means collaborating with the best and brightest economists in Europe. We offer you the opportunity to further develop your leadership and management skills through exposure to Transfer Pricing and Valuation cases throughout the world. You will be based at one of our four offices and will be travelling frequently to meet with clients around the globe (when conditions once again allow).

The application deadline is 31 March 2021.

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New study: Ex-post Analysis of the TeliaSonera-Chess 2005 Merger

Copenhagen Economics is proud to announce the publication of an ex-post analysis of the 2005 TeliaSonera-Chess merger in the Norwegian mobile telecommunication market.

Ex-post assessments remain an important tool in evaluating the efficiency of competition policy and, in a broader sense, serve a complementary function to the competitive assessments of actual cases.

In our recent study commissioned by the Norwegian Competition Authority, we explore the flexibility of the difference-in-difference and the control group methods to identify the lack of impact of the 2005 TeliaSonera/Chess merger on retail prices. Through such rigorous investigation, our findings confirmed that there is no evidence of the merger increasing prices.

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New study: The value of Acute Team Odense

Acute Team Odense delivers value in terms of savings across the healthcare system, and the net societal cost associated with the acute team is 70% below the expenditure.

In our recent study commissioned by Acute Team Odense (ATO), we find that the net societal cost associated with ATO is DKK 2.3m, which is 70% below the expenditure for ATO as they deliver value in terms of savings across the healthcare system and society at large.

The savings amounts to DKK 2.3m in health economic savings and DKK 3m in socioeconomic savings. In addition, we show that there are other positive benefits of ATO beyond those quantified in our model, such as meeting citizens’ preference for treatment at home vs in a hospital, faster blood sample collection, more timely diagnosing, and more.

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For further information, please contact Economist, Dr Nikolaj Siersbæk