It is still business as (un)usual

In these times of COVID-19, our number one priority is to keep our employees and clients healthy and safe.

We are working from home to contain the spreading of the virus and are still going strong, replacing all physical meetings with virtual ones.

One such example is from today, where we should have hosted a big event celebrating 20 years in business. We still celebrate this great achievement internally – and instead of meeting physically, we simply celebrate it in one big virtual meeting.

Cheers to 20 years in business!
We look forward to providing you with more Hards Facts & Clear Stories in the years to come.

Congratulations on four well-deserved promotions: Managing Economists

We are happy and proud to announce the promotions of Anssi Kohonen, Claire F. Danielsson, Julia Sabine Wahl, and Mindaugas Cerpickis to Managing Economists. 

Anssi Kohonen joined Copenhagen Economics in 2014. His drive and commitment have been very important for the success of our office in Helsinki. Anssi delivers very high-quality work under pressure and he has shown that he can bring in projects from competition and dispute markets in Helsinki and the Baltics.

Claire F. Danielsson joined Copenhagen Economics in 2017 and has since gained various responsibilities within our IP Valuation & Transfer Pricing service as well as within people management. She leads the IP valuation side of the service and is frequently engaged as an expert witness in IP litigation cases in Sweden and beyond.

Julia Sabine Wahl joined Copenhagen Economics in 2014 and has since then worked her way up from Analyst to now Managing Economist. She takes on and solves highly important tasks within all spheres of a company as client leader, project leader, or internal leader – and she delivers in all roles.

Mindaugas Cerpickis joined Copenhagen Economics in 2016 and has since become a very successful project manager. Mindaugas will undertake important management tasks in Copenhagen Economics. He will manage many of our largest and most complex projects and will continue as a part of the daily management team of one our business units.

Congratulations Katrine Poulsgaard on her well-deserved promotion to Senior Economist

We are happy and proud to announce the promotion of Katrine Poulsgaard to Senior Economist.

Katrine Poulsgaard joined Copenhagen Economics in August 2019. She has over a short period of time shown her skills both as a gifted economist and as a strong project manager. Katrine is appreciated as a great team player, she is hardworking, productive, and encouraging.

Congratulations on seven well-deserved promotions: Economists

We are happy and proud to announce the promotions of Anna Backman, Elisa Pau, Ella Sipek, Julie Runge Jørgensen, Lærke Kilsdal, Malthe Faber Laursen, and Victor Ahlqvist to Economists.

Anna Backman joined our IP Valuation & Transfer Pricing team in 2018. She has excelled quickly, and her work has been critical to support our clients in transfer pricing matters around the world. Anna is a team-player and always provides consistent, high quality management and support both internally and to clients

Elisa Pau joined Copenhagen Economics in 2018 and has since grown her skills as a consultant. She structures and organises tasks in large and important projects and has developed leadership qualities in driving project work as well as client relations. Elisa is hardworking, reliable and responsible, and has a positive attitude towards tasks and clients.

Ella Sipek joined Copenhagen Economics in 2018 and has since been an integral part of our IP Valuation & Transfer Pricing service. She has taken ownership of very complex projects and analyses and has shown a knack for guiding and training colleagues with the client’s interest in mind.

Julie Runge Jørgensen joined Copenhagen Economics in 2018. She immediately became an integral part of our Auction team and demonstrated very strong analytical skills. Julie has an impressive drive and commitment towards learning and improving her skills and is very open minded and trustworthy. 

Lærke Kilsdal joined Copenhagen Economics full time in 2018. She has gradually taken on more responsibility in projects and shown that she has a natural flair for structure and execution. Lærke is very pleasant to work with, open minded, extremely devoted and always gets the job done – and carried further.

Malthe Faber Laursen joined Copenhagen Economics in 2018. With his large drive and commitment, he added the skills required to become a good consultant. He has impressed on many aspects, but especially his communication and personal leadership stands out. Malthe brings a lot of energy and good spirit to our Copenhagen office.

Victor Ahlqvist joined Copenhagen Economics in 2018. Since then, he has demonstrated, through continuously high performance, that he can solve complex problems at great value for clients across Europe. His experience covers a broad area of sectors and topics, ranging from assistance in merger procedures and damage cases to assessment of sector specific regulation and state aid.

New study: Study on the application of the Interchange Fee Regulation

The EU-wide Interchange Fees Regulation (IFR), adopted between 2015 and 2016, reformed the card payment sector by introducing a cap on interchange fees for consumer card payment transactions as well as several provisions aimed at enhancing market transparency, competition, and the functioning of the EU single market.

Our newest report for the European Commission written in collaboration with EY provides a comprehensive evaluation of the effects of the regulation in the period 2015-17 and will inform the IFR revision that will take place in 2020.

Our study shows that the IFR has reduced the interchange fees for card-based payments and generated a decline in merchants’ costs of accepting card payments. This has in turn led to higher acceptance of card payments and in the longer run is expected to lead to lower consumer prices, saving European consumers almost EUR 900 million every year. On the other side, acquiring margins and scheme fees from international card schemes have increased, reducing some of the consumer benefits.

Learn more about the study
For further information, please contact Dr Claus Kastberg Nielsen or Dr Federico De Michiel