Report on recycling targets on waste

The European Parliament has commissioned Copenhagen Economics to assess the impact of targets on waste in different segments. Following European Commission's proposal of the Waste Framework Directive and Council common position, the European Parliament has proposed a set of amendments to establish binding targets.


In our report, we conclude that 50% recycling of household and similar waste and 70% of construction and demolition waste seem feasible to reach for Member States. For both targets, evidence suggests that some Member States today are already complying with these targets. However, different Member States will face different compliance costs due to circumstances outside their influence, such as geography and composition of waste.


However, proper data definitions are currently not in place for setting enforceable targets. This is even more so for industrial waste whereby it is currently not suitable to set a target on industrial waste.


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Conference on Public Affairs in a Changing Environment

On 9 May 2008 Dr Claus Kastberg Nielsen, Managing Director and partner in Copenhagen Economics, discussed the strenghts and weaknesses of The Scientific-based Argument at a presentation for the Annual Meeting of the Association of European Political Consultants. The conference was hosted by Radius Kommunikation. The subject of the conference was climate change and trends within public affairs.


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Simen Karlsen is appointed Senior Economist per 1 June 2008

Simen Karlsen is appointed Senior Economist at Copenhagen Economics per 1 June 2008. Mr Karlsen has proven to be a valuable and loyal colleague at Copenhagen Economics, and through perseverance and great efforts he has contributed to solving projects to the satisfaction of our clients. Furthermore has Mr Karlsen been head of a goal-oriented effort within marketing in Norway in 2008.

Deputy Director-General praises a report on public procurement by Copenhagen Economics

The Deputy Director-General Jan-Erik Ljusberg praises a report on public procurement by Copenhagen Economics in an interview in Upphandling24, a Swedish web-based journal.


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Copenhagen Economics organises an international telecoms workshop


Copenhagen Economics organises an international telecoms workshop at the annual Mobile Regulations and Competition Law Conference in Brussels in June 2008. This is a new role for us born out of our strategy to become one of Europe's leading economics consultancies.


The  subject of the workshop is whether the European Commission should regulate data and SMS roaming or not. This is highly topical as Commissioner Vivane Reding recently warned the industry of a possible regulation of these services.



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