New vacancies: Research Assistants, Accountant, and Analyst for IP-TP

We are looking for new colleagues to join us in Copenhagen and Stockholm:

  • Research Assistants for our Market team in Stockholm
  • Research Assistant for our Policy team in Copenhagen
  • Accountant for Copenhagen
  • Analyst for our IP Valuation & Transfer Pricing team in Stockholm

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New study: The use of flash glucose monitors create savings in the Danish healthcare system

Diabetes patients measure their blood glucose levels multiple times every day in order to stabilize their blood glucose through e.g. food or insulin. Using a flash glucose monitor often makes it easier for the diabetes patient to keep a stable blood glucose level. A stable blood glucose level decreases the risk of hypoglycaemia and late complications. This risk reduction has the potential to create savings in the Danish healthcare system in just two years.

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For further information, please contact Christian Jervelund

New study: Strong eco systems are a key driver of foreign direct investments

Historically, Finland has been less successful in attracting foreign direct investments (FDI) relative to other EU Member States. In a new study, Copenhagen Economics finds that Business Finland’s invest-in services have helped bringing new FDI to Finland, but there is a potential for Business Finland to focus the investment promotion activities more towards Finnish strongholds and more proactively pursuing clients.

Strong ecosystems are a key driver of FDI. We find that Business Finland’s funding of ecosystem development has a positive and significant impact on employment and turnover in the SMEs and start-ups that receive funding. We estimate that the investment programmes have a payback time between seven and nine years.

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For further information, please contact Eva Rytter Sunesen

Jasper Lutz and Tea Stipica join Copenhagen Economics

Copenhagen Economics has hired Jasper Lutz as Intern and Tea Stipica as Business Controller. They both join our Copenhagen office.

Jasper Lutz holds an M.Sc. in Economics with specialisation in competition and regulation from Maastricht University. He will work closely together with our competition team.

Tea Stipica holds an M.Sc. in Management & Business from the University of Split. She will work closely together with our finance team, supporting our consultants on administrative and operational matters.

Copenhagen Economics' study on Pricing of Market data referenced in Financial Times

Today, Financial Times has published an article on the massive complaints the European stock exchanges continue to face from their biggest customers due to the rising cost of market data.

This article references a study we published last year, describing how the liberalisation of trading venues the past 15 years has not led to increased competition on market data, thus resulting in pricing of market data way above the costs of distributing the data.

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