Copenhagen Economics hosts Expert Witness Workshop 2020

Today, we host our annual Expert Witness Workshop in Copenhagen, where we have invited 14 external participants from six law firms in six countries.

Expert testimony by economic experts can be decisive in competition and dispute cases that are brought to court. Therefore, the purpose of the workshop is to train the planning and execution of expert testimony in court.

The training will take the form of e.g. role-plays where all is expected to take an active part in the roles of plaintiff, defendant, expert witness, and judge panel, respectively. Consultants from Copenhagen Economics will act as expert witnesses. Leading the judge panel is Senior Associate Henrik Rothe, who is former Chief Justice at the Danish Maritime & Commercial Court.

For further information about this workshop, please contact Karl Lundvall

New study: The European business contribution via social media tools estimated at over EUR 200 bn and 3m jobs per year

Social media is often viewed as a tool that allows people to interact with family, friends, and a wider social circle by sharing information, images, and experiences in real time. Massive reductions in the cost of information and communication technology and the proliferation of internet access have led social media to become an everyday tool for many individuals and organisations across the globe.

In this report, we set out to gain a deeper understanding of how European businesses, in particular, use digital tools and social media to empower businesses throughout their lifecycle, from start-up to establishment and with every customer relationship. There is significant evidence that a broad range of digital tools can help businesses in all industries throughout Europe by reducing the costs of marketing and sales, reducing the barriers to entrepreneurship, expanding the reach of export markets, and facilitating innovation within businesses and throughout industries.

To explore these effects, we conducted a survey focusing on the role of social media, using Facebook apps and technologies as an example. Representatives from 7,720 businesses in 15 countries across the EU responded. The survey results suggest that digital technologies, like Facebook apps and technologies, facilitate business growth, trade, and innovation.

Learn more about the study 

For further information and media enquiries regarding the findings and methodology of this report, please contact Dr Bruno Basalisco, available at For all other media enquiries regarding the Facebook Company, please contact Mihiri Bonney available at

Nicolai Wiingreen joins Copenhagen Economics

Copenhagen Economics is proud to announce the hiring of Nicolai Wiingreen as an Analyst. He joins our Copenhagen office.

Nicolai is currently finishing his master’s degree from London School of Economics. He has worked in CE before as an Intern, making him fully equipped to now join our team as a full time Analyst.

Copenhagen Economics celebrates 20 years in business

We look very much forward to welcoming clients, business partners, alumni’s, and friends to a festive reception on Friday 20 March 2020 in Copenhagen, celebrating Copenhagen Economics 20th anniversary.

We will be joined by former United States Ambassador, Rufus Gifford, who will give a speech on the current political situation in the United States. Afterward, we will host a mingle and get-together session with delicious food, elegant drinks, and a great DJ.

We look forward to celebrating our 20-year anniversary with you!

For further information, please contact Hanne Culmsee

Director Adina Claici speaks at annual GCLC conference in Brussels!

On 30 – 31 January, Director Adina Claici speaks at the Global Competition Law Centre’s annual conference in Brussels.

The theme of the conference is vertical restraints in the digital economy – VBER reform and the future of distribution. Adina Claici will present the conference as well as participate in a panel discussion on pricing restrictions in the digital world. 

Read more about the conference
For further information, please contact Adina Claici