Do suppliers of pharmaceuticals set “unfair” prices? Or is there simply room for improvement in the way that payers procure?

In this article, we outline four guiding principles that payers can follow to improve their procurement practices – to avoid disputes and achieve better outcomes.

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Sign up for the Big Data & Competition Law virtual conference

Have you signed up for this year's Big Data & Competition Law virtual conference, yet? It will take place tomorrow on 20 October 2020, where Copenhagen Economics will be the lead sponsor.

Gain insights into the current discussion on digital hot topics from an economic perspective.

Our Managing Economist Norbert Maier, will participate in the panel discussion on Big Data & Merger Control: Failing Firm Defense and Killer Acquisitions. He will also present the topic on Merger Control: Market Definition in Data Driven Markets.

Among others, he will be joined by 25 top decision makers from competition authorities.

We are pleased to offer our clients and business partners a 50% discount when signing up for the event via the link below.

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How to support green transformation of the European building stock?

Today, we launch a new project within the Energy Efficient Mortgages Initiative, led by EMF-ECBC (European Mortgage Federation - European Covered Bond Council). The project focuses on how to scale up the current solutions to provide financing for the energy renovation needed. Hence, to be on track with the green transition.

Our role is to develop the regulatory capital framework of the asset. Most noteworthy, we will analyse whether green mortgages have certain risk characteristics that would entail lower capital requirements.

“Investments in the energy efficiency of European buildings are an important aspect of the green transition. A fair treatment of green mortgages from a credit risk perspective is essential to enable a correct pricing of loans for such investments. This has the potential to make investments in green buildings more affordable while at the same time contributing to a stable financial system.

We are delighted to be part of this initiative and to contribute to a more resilient and climate-friendly European society.”
- Partner, Sigurd Næss-Schmidt

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Interested in the current status of platform regulation in Europe?

Hurry up and register for today’s webinar on “Platform regulation: Latest developments in Europe for Facebook, Apple, Google and the telecom world”.

The webinar is held by Mobile Ecosystem Forum, and takes place today at 16.00 – 17.00.

By joining, you get the opportunity to catch up on the current status with our Senior Associate Serafino Abate.

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Neil Gallagher interviewed for Børsen

Yesterday, Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson were awarded the Nobel Prize in economics for their contributions to the field of auction theory. 

In relation to this, the Danish newspaper Børsen interviewed our Senior Economist and Auctions expert, Neil Gallagher, about auctions and the theory of the winner’s curse (developed by Milgrom and Wilson) – and why auction theory is of continued relevance:

There is a lot of potential considering that public procurement is so incredibly important but auction theory is used so little. So I hope this can shed a light on the topic,” says Neil Gallagher.

Read the full article here (in Danish)

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