New study: The Danish fishery sector supports a total GDP-contribution of DKK 12.5 bn and 16.000 jobs

Today, after years of consolidation, the fishery sector is highly capitalized and highly productive. The sector contributes to rural areas in Denmark by providing high-paying jobs where few other job opportunities are available.

That is one of the main conclusions in our study on the contribution of the Danish fishery sector to the Danish economy.

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New study: Google’s investments in digital infrastructure in Europe have supported GDP by € 5.4 bn

In the period 2007-2017, Google’s data centre investments have supported the economic activity in Europe with EUR 490 million in gross domestic product (GDP)per year on average; in other words, EUR 5.4 billion in total for the whole period. At the same time, the data centre investments have supported 6,600 jobs per year on average (full-time equivalents).

That is the key conclusions in our study on Google’s investments in digital infrastructure.

In the study, we have measured the extent to which Google’s investments turn into benefit for European societies and economies. Since 2007, Google has spent EUR 3.2 billion on constructing and operating hyper-scale data centres in four European regions: St. Ghislain-Mons in Belgium, Hamina-Kotka in Finland, Dublin in Ireland and Eemshaven-Groningen in the Netherlands. Over the same period, an additional EUR 1.1 billion has been spent on European fibre networks, connecting the data centres to the internet and thus making them accessible for the multiple consumer and business applications offered.

Today, Dr Bruno Basalisco presents the results at a launch event in Brussels, joining speakers such as EU Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Cretu and Matt Brittin, President Google Europe.

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New study: 100 per cent use of biofuels possible at regional airports in Sweden

With targeted governmental support and supporting actions from the airports, it is possible to reach a goal of 100 per cent biofuels at regional, non-government owned airports in northern Sweden.

That is one of the key conclusions in our study on biofuels in aviation in Sweden.

In the study, we analyse the possibility of a more environmentally friendly air transport sector in Sweden, which does not come at the cost of high connectivity becoming more expensive.

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New study: Brexit will have negative impacts on Irish trade and GDP

Ireland is uniquely exposed to Brexit due to a very high trade intensity with the UK and the use of the UK landbridge to access continental markets.

In a recent assessment of the impacts of Brexit on the Irish economy, we find that:

  • Increased trade costs will lower Irish exports of goods and services by approximately 3-8 per cent in 2030
  • Brexit will lower Irish GDP by approximately 3-7 per cent in 2030
  • The following five sectors account for the vast majority of the total impact of Brexit: Agri-food, pharma-chemicals, electrical machinery, wholesale and retail and air transport 

The study also concludes that domestic policy responses can mitigate Brexit impacts.

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New vacancy: Ambitious Analyst with excellent economics skills

We are looking for a newly graduated economist with excellent academic records and an interest in competition economics to join our competition team in Copenhagen.

Working with us, you will you be part of a challenging international economics environment and contribute to some of the largest competition cases and damage claims the Nordic region.

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