New study: EU exports increased by EUR 1 billion due to trade agreements

The EU trade agreements with Mexico, South Korea, and Switzerland have increased EU exports by more than EUR 1 billion and have raised value added in the agri-food sector by 600 mn. EUR.

This increased export has supported almost 20,000 jobs in the agri-food sector and an additional 7,700 jobs in other sectors related to agri-food production and export. The trade agreements have also increased EU imports and given EU consumers and processors better access to agri-food products at lower prices.

Today, Commissioner Phil Hogan presents the results at a press conference in Brussels. Managing Economist, Eva Rytter Sunesen, will be present to answer technical questions related to the study.

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Emmi Martikainen named a 'Notable Women Competition Professional'

We are very proud to announce that Emmi Martikainen, one of our very talented Senior Economists, is on this year's '30 in their 30s' list of notable competition professionals in economics, presented by the W@ organisation.

The list was revealed in Brussels 16 February and features 30 outstanding women aged between 30 and 40 in the competition field in Europe.

Emmi joined Copenhagen Economics in 2016 and is an experienced competition specialist with strong case experience from the Finnish competition authorities.

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New study: Fossil fuels will provide the majority of world energy for several decades

What role will fossil fuels play as the world transitions from the current energy system to one consistent with meeting the objectives of the 2016 Paris agreement? This is one of the main questions posed by the Energy Transitions Commission, a broad coalition of stakeholders from the public, private and social sectors.

Copenhagen Economics has worked to provide answers to this question and point out concrete implications for policy-makers, energy companies, and investors.

Our findings are now published and form the basis for further discussions in the Energy Transitions Commission.

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New study: Clinical trials deliver value to the Danish society

Clinical trials by pharmaceutical companies deliver value to the Danish society. On average, a clinical trial improves GDP by DKK 0.9m and the public budget by DKK 1.2m.

The positive economic effects arise from trials conducted in Denmark through several drivers; by contributing to more and better healthcare, by creating highly productive jobs and by propelling new research in Life Sciences. In 2015 alone, pharmaceutical companies paid out DKK 248m to the public Danish healthcare system as part of their clinical trials.

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Invitation: Seminar on the OECD BEPS action plan and its implications

Copenhagen Economics and law firm Kromann Reumert cohost a seminar on the OECD BEPS action plan and its implications for intangibles and services.

Hendrik Fügemann, the Partner in charge of Copenhagen Economics' IP Valuation projects, will present his perspective on the revised OECD framework's impact on valuation in practice and elaborate on what BEPS means for industry-specific intangibles.

The events takes place Tuesday 28 March in Copenhagen and attendance is free of charge.

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