Copenhagen Economics support AKOS in designing their auction rules

Last week, the Slovenian telecommunications regulator AKOS published their Information Memorandum for the allocation of multiple 4G/5G spectrum bands (i.e. 700 MHz, 1400 MHz, 2100 MHz, 2300 MHz, 3600 MHz and 26 GHz bands) by auction.

Our Tender & Auction Support team supported AKOS together with Innovative Auctions in designing the auction rules to achieve AKOS’ policy objectives: ensuring efficiency, safeguarding competition and achieving market prices.

We have proposed the eSMRA (enhanced simultaneous multiple round ascending) auction format with customised rules.

The unofficial English translation of AKOS’ Information Memorandum can be found here

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Tomi Laakso joins Copenhagen Economics

Copenhagen Economics is proud to announce the hiring of Tomi Laakso as a Researcher. He joins our Helsinki office.

Tomi is currently pursuing a M.Sc. in Economics at the university of Helsinki. During his studies, he had a three-month internship here at Copenhagen Economics, making him fully equipped to now join our team as a Researcher. Tomi will support our business unit Market.

Jessica Acelar joins Copenhagen Economics

Copenhagen Economics is proud to announce the hiring of Jessica Acelar as an Office Assistant. She joins our Brussels office.

Jessica holds a B.Sc. in Human Resources and Development. Her considerable experience in organising and coordinating events and administration responsibilities makes her a strong addition to Copenhagen Economics’ Business Support team.

In her role as an Office Assistant, she will ensure that operations and day-to-day administration run smoothly in our Brussels office.

New study: Economic and policy considerations for State aid during a time of crisis

The unprecedented volume of State aid applications during the COVID-19 pandemic presented new economic challenges and policy considerations related to the need for aid and the extent of the damages suffered by undertakings.

In a recent article, Director Adina Claici, Economist Victor and Analyst Stephanie present the foundation for State aid during the outbreak of COVID-19, discuss the methodology for determining damages using a counterfactual analysis and address some of the important factors that policy makers must balance in order to ensure that firms receive the necessary support while minimising the distortions on competition.

The article was published in Lexxicon’s European State Aid Law Quarterly.

Read the article here
For further information, please contact Director Adina Claici

Simon Monti Danielsson joins Copenhagen Economics

Copenhagen Economics is proud to announce the hiring of Simon as an Intern. He will support our business unit Market in our Brussels office.

Simon is currently studying towards a M.Sc. in Economics at the College of Europe.