After work meeting on loss calculations

In collaboration with Lundgrens Law Firm, we host a seminar on the vital role of the loss calculation in actions for damages. We will take both a legal and an economic perspective on the loss calculation, and in addition provide advice on the case law and processes behind the loss calculation.

The seminar will be in Danish and takes place on 31 October at Lundgrens Law Firm in Copenhagen

To register, please contact no later than 22 October

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For further information, please contact Torben Thorø Pedersen

New study: Future housing market and urban development in the Capital Region of Denmark

To accommodate rising demand, the housing supply still needs to increase quite a lot in Copenhagen and surrounding suburbs in the years to come – more than what is currently in the local municipal plans.

The municipalities in the region face significant regulatory barriers to increasing the future housing supply – especially municipal budget constraints on new required investments, as well as regulation on how and where to densify and develop new and existing urban areas. Better regional infrastructure could help by increasing the demand spill-overs from the city and outwards, while the municipal budget constraints could be eased through public-private-partnerships or public development companies.

On October 1, Senior Economist Christian Heebøll presented these and other results at a housing market summit, facilitating a discussion between the Danish Minister of Transport, Building, and Housing and the Mayors of all the 28 municipalities in the Capital Region of Denmark.

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For further information, please contact Christian Heebøll

Kirstine Rødsgaard Madsen speaks at competition conference in Vilnius

Today, on 3 October, competition expert Kirstine Rødsgaard Madsen speaks at a competition conference organised by W@CompetitionNordic.

The aim of the conference is to address competition law developments across Scandinavia and the Baltic region. In this regard, Kirstine Rødsgaard Madsen will take part in the panel discussions, offering national perspectives on abuse of dominance cases.

Other speakers include Maria Jaspers, the Head of Unit of the European Commission’s DG Competition as well as several representatives from competition councils across the region.

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For further details, please contact Kirstine Rødsgaard Madsen

Updated guide on the use of economics in state aid

In the framework of the European Commission’s 2012 Communication on EU State Aid modernization, this article recently published by GCR explores the role of economic analysis in State Aid cases as well as discussing enforcement priorities and recent developments in the field.

Dr Adina Claici and Elisa Pau guide you through the analysis of State Aid cases focusing on those issues where economics plays a role by explaining the main principles as well as by means of case examples.

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For further information, please contact Adina Claici

The article is an extract from GCR’s State Aid Know-how 2018. The whole publication is available here

Nordic Competition Compliance Survey

Copenhagen Economics invites in-house lawyers across all industries to participate in our Nordic competition compliance survey. The goal of the survey is to provide insight into how companies think about and work with compliance.

The survey covers all areas of competition compliance work and the results will let participants know what their peers think are:

  • The most effective training tools
  • The biggest challenges for compliance officers
  • The most important ingredients to ensure compliance

All responses are completely anonymous.

The survey takes approximately 10-20 minutes to complete.

We look forward to sharing the results of the survey with all participants, but the results will not be made public. We expect to have the results ready in the beginning of November.

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Please contact Kirstine Rødsgaard Madsen or Holger Vandel Rasmussen if you have any questions or requests