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  • 20-08-2018

    Copenhagen Economics' Stockholm office expanding

    Copenhagen Economics has hired Victor Ahlqvist and Theresa Goop, both as Analysts. They will join our Stockholm office.

    Victor holds an M.Sc. in Economics from Lund University and comes from a position as Research Assistant at the Research Institute of Industrial Economics. He will join our Competition team.

    Theresa Goop holds a Double Degree in Master of Arts & Science in Economics from University of St. Gallen and Stockholm School of Economics. She will join our Tranfer Pricing & IP Valuation team.

  • 20-08-2018

    New project aims to inspire SME's in Denmark to join global alliances

    Copenhagen Economics and the Danish Industry Foundation will be launching a new project - “Innovation via foreign ownership relations” – to contribute towards increasing the number of Danish small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in global alliances. Through international investments, Danish SMEs can gain access to innovative technologies, specialised knowledge and new markets, which can essentially form the basis for a market-leading position within a given field.

    With this aim, the project’s findings will serve to inspire Danish SMEs and provide knowledge on how to use global alliances as a road to growth, not only for the enterprise itself but for society as a whole.

    Read full press release (in Danish)

    For further information, please contact Eva Rytter Sunesen

  • 01-08-2018

    New study: Multiple benefits of more energy efficient new buildings in Sweden

    Energy requirements for new buildings is a primary policy instrument to influence the energy use in new buildings. Higher energy standards will typically lead to higher building costs, however, it will also result in a range of benefits (so-called multiple benefits).

    An important, and so far unresolved, question is to what extent it is cost efficient to increase the energy requirements for new buildings in Sweden when taking the multiple benefits into account; benefits, which include lower local air pollution, lower CO2 emissions and health benefits from improved indoor air climate.

    In this study, we analyse the multiple benefits for 16 existing low-energy buildings in Sweden.

    Learn more about the study

    For further information, please contact Martin Bo Westh Hansen

  • 31-07-2018

    Copenhagen Economics has successfully advised Visita on the challenge of Booking.com’s price parity clause

    On 20 July, the Swedish Patent and Market Court ruled that Booking.com’s price parity clause enforced on Swedish hotels was anti-competitive and in breach of Article 101 TFEU.

    By restricting hoteliers from offering a lower price on its own online channel than on Booking.com, the clause had the potential effect of softening competition both between Booking.com and other online travel agents (OTA’s) and between hotels. Further, the clause did not produce any pro-competitive effects that could mitigate the restriction on competition.

    On behalf of Visita, the association of Swedish hotels and restaurants, Copenhagen Economics submitted several expert opinions and provided expert testimony.

    Sweden is one of several EU jurisdictions where Booking.com’s price parity clauses have been challenged.

    For more information, please contact David Nordström or Karl Lundvall

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“That fact that the ideas I bring to the table are heard and valued makes my everyday tasks very stimulating. All the trust and responsibilities are there for each of us to earn from Day One.”
Jimmy Gårdebrink, Economist
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“That fact that the ideas I bring to the table are heard and valued makes my everyday tasks very stimulating. All the trust and responsibilities are there for each of us to earn from Day One.”
Jimmy Gårdebrink, Economist

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