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  • 20-04-2018

    New study: Large potential for energy efficiency in Denmark

    Denmark has an ambition to become a low-emission society in 2050. Broadly speaking this can be achieved by a combination of deployment of renewable energy and increasing energy efficiency.

    Our study highlights the importance of keeping a focus on energy efficiency. Firstly, there exists a significant untapped energy efficiency potential in Denmark in existing buildings and in businesses.

    Secondly, the implementation of the Paris agreement is expected to be followed by massive global investments in energy efficiency technologies, which can bring economic benefits to Denmark. 

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    For further information, please contact Martin Bo Westh Hansen

  • 13-04-2018

    Promising partnership to strengthen our services towards the financial sector

    We are happy to announce, that Copenhagen Economics has initiated a partnership with the Fintech experts at Norfico.

    The structures of the financial sector are changing, becoming more open and agile. This process is denoted “open banking” and will likely pick up in speed the coming years as a new regulatory measure called PSD2 is being implemented. 

    Combining the strengths of the two consultancies allow us to give our clients the best possible advice on the many important strategic choices they will face in the coming years.

    To kick-off the partnership, we have just published a whitepaper on impact of open banking in Scandinavia. We find that that open banking will lead to stronger competition, both domestic and internationally. Overall, we see that Scandinavian banks stand to benefit from the development given their strong initial position in both digitisation and core banking.

    Learn more about the white paper

    For further information, please contact Sigurd Næss-Schmidt

  • 11-04-2018

    Clarification regarding Light Rail project

    Last week, the Danish television program “Detektor” (broadcast by DR) criticised Copenhagen Economics’ handling of our work on "The Greater Copenhagen Light Rail" and how we have interacted with our client, LOOP CITY.

    In this comment, we aim to clarify any questions regarding our work or procedures that may have arisen.

    Read the comment (in Danish) 

    For further information, please contact Lise Roland Johansen

  • 10-04-2018

    Malthe Faber Laursen joins Copenhagen Economics

    Copenhagen Economics has hired Malthe Faber Laursen as Analyst. He joins our Copenhagen office.

    Malthe holds an M.Sc. in Economics from the University of Copenhagen and has recently worked at the Danish Ministry of Finance. He will join our Competition team.

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“That fact that the ideas I bring to the table are heard and valued makes my everyday tasks very stimulating. All the trust and responsibilities are there for each of us to earn from Day One.”
Jimmy Gårdebrink, Analyst
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“That fact that the ideas I bring to the table are heard and valued makes my everyday tasks very stimulating. All the trust and responsibilities are there for each of us to earn from Day One.”
Jimmy Gårdebrink, Analyst

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