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  • 18-05-2018

    New study: Swedish price cap on letter mail is expensive and inefficient

    Postage rates for domestic single piece letters up to 500 grams in Sweden are subject to a price cap, allowing prices to increase by inflation on a yearly basis. With increased digital communication, making unit costs for mail delivery increase faster than inflation, this raises the question whether the current price cap is the most appropriate way to achieve the intended regulatory goals.

    In this study, we analyse how well the current price cap and alternative solutions in terms of how well they meet regulatory goals and provide for socio-economic efficiency.

    Our results show that the current regulation can fulfil selected regulatory goals at the expense of others, and that it – compared to other alternatives - is an inefficient and expensive solution.

    Learn more about the study

    For further information, please contact Anna Möller Boivie

  • 16-05-2018

    Download: Where do we stand on discounts?

    Dominant undertakings' ability to, under competition law, award discounts and other loyalty inducing considerations are subject to much ambiguity and unsettled issues.

    This book provides an economic and legal view on the current approach to rebates and discounts under the EU (EEA) and Nordic competition rules on abuse of dominance. It is co-written by Henrik Ballebye Okholm, Torben Thorø Pedersen, Christian Bergqvist (University of Copenhagen), Eirik Østerud (University of Oslo), and Vladimir Bastidas Venegas (Uppsala University).

    Now the book is available for download!

    For further information, please contact Henrik Ballebye Okholm or  Torben Thorø Pedersen

  • 16-05-2018

    Congratulations on another well-deserved promotion in Copenhagen Economics

    Emmi Martikainen is promoted to Managing Economist.

    Emmi joined us in 2016 and has continued to demonstrate strong sales and business development skills. She excels at building and keeping the trust of our clients, and in her new role as manager of our newly opened Helsinki office, Emmi will play a vital role in the expansion of Copenhagen Economics on the Finnish market.

  • 08-05-2018

    New study: The World in Europe - Global FDI flows towards Europe

    A two-year research programme has been successfully completed.

    ESPON has asked Copenhagen Economics to provide recommendations that can support regions and cities in their positioning and defining their policies towards receiving FDI, as well as integrating the attraction of foreign firms in regional development strategies.

    Over the last two years, Copenhagen Economics has analysed the following policy questions:

    • What are the global patterns and recent trends in inward FDI towards Europe, and how do they affect territorial development of the European territory?
    • What relevance do inward FDI flows have for regional growth and competitiveness as well as for reducing economic disparities in Europe?
    • What types of regions and cities receive foreign investments and for which economic activities?
    • What territorial factors seem to determine FDI location? How do macroeconomic factors and local regulations affect inward FDI flows territorially?
    • What policy measures could be implemented to attract FDI in order to boost the competitiveness of EU territories at different scales? 

    The conclusions of the study have been summarised in a synthesis report with detailed documentation in 11 underlying reports. Over the coming weeks, we will publish a series of LinkedIn Pulse articles that will bring forward some of the main conclusions from the research.

    Learn more about part one: The World in Europe - Extra-European FDI towards Europe

    Learn more about part two: The World in Europe - Intra-European FDI

    Learn more about part three: The World in Europe - FDI by European SMEs

    For further information, please contact Eva Rytter Sunesen

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“That fact that the ideas I bring to the table are heard and valued makes my everyday tasks very stimulating. All the trust and responsibilities are there for each of us to earn from Day One.”
Jimmy Gårdebrink, Analyst
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“That fact that the ideas I bring to the table are heard and valued makes my everyday tasks very stimulating. All the trust and responsibilities are there for each of us to earn from Day One.”
Jimmy Gårdebrink, Analyst

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