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  • 23-01-2018

    New study: Effective and efficient FDI screening requires a place-based approach

    The number of foreign takeovers of EU firms in potentially sensitive sectors has been relatively stable over time but the average deal value has increased. That could the an argument for increased screening of FDI into the EU, however investment patters in individual Member States vary across different types of investors, the sectoral composition and the origin of the acquirer.

    For FDI screening to be both effective and efficient, a place-based approach is required where the need for increased FDI screening is carefully balanced against the potential costs. That is one of the key conclusions in our recent study commissioned by the Danish Business Authority.

    The study is based on a unique database on FDI flows into individual EU Member States during 2003-2016 and provides an overview of M&As by third country investors in potentially sensitive sectors and M&As by state-owned enterprises (SOEs). We have also used the experience from selected EU Member States to identify initiatives that can improve the efficiency of FDI screening procedures.

    Learn more about the study

    For further information, please contact Eva Rytter Sunesen

  • 23-01-2018

    Karl Lundvall speaks at compliance summit of the Nordics in Stockholm

    On 30 January, competition expert Karl Lundvall speaks at a non-financial compliance summit hosted by Tools 4 Integrity. The summit is the first of its kind and is customized for the need of companies with business in several Nordic jurisdictions and internationally.

    The aim of the summit is to cover the practical implications of current regulations, the complexity of competition law cases and different outlooks on the future. In this regard, Karl Lundvall is invited to offer his view on vertical restraints, and discuss which cases are likely to cause consumer harm and which cases authorities should prioritise. Following his presentation, Karl Lundvall will be moderating a panel discussion on differences in the application of competition law by competition authorities and courts in the Nordics.

    Other speakers include Rikard Jermsten, Director General of the Swedish Competition Authority and Bitten Thorgaard Sørensen, Deputy Director General of the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority 

    Read more about the seminar 

    For further information, please contact Karl Lundvall

  • 17-01-2018

    New vacancy: Experienced trade economist

    We are currently looking for a senior economist to join our Trade team in Copenhagen.

    Working with us, you will get a chance to work on key European trade issues - such as assisting the European Commission develop trade policies that benefit EU firms and citizens, or helping EU governments and firms prepare for Brexit.

    You will join some of the best economists in Europe and enter a Nordic working culture. Through formal training and individual coaching, we will help you grow your competencies within project work, relation building, and leadership.

    Learn more about the position

    For further information, please contact Eva Rytter Sunesen

  • 11-01-2018

    Norwegian Ministry proposes changes to the postal law based on study by Copenhagen Economics

    On January 9th, the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications published a suggestion to change the delivery frequency required by Norway Post from delivery five days per week to delivery every other day (i.e. on average 2.5 days per week). The suggestion is based on Copenhagen Economics’ analysis in the report Effects of changing the USO in Norway, which the Ministry published on the same day.

    In the report, we analyse the effects of changing the postal universal service obligation (USO) in Norway on commercial and socio-economical costs and benefits. We also investigate alternative measures that can be put in place to reduce any negative impact on users of reductions in USO requirements.

    Our analysis shows that reducing delivery frequency in Norway to every other day would imply substantial savings in terms of lower net cost (and thereby lower levels of public procurement of postal services) whereas the impact on user benefits would most likely be very moderate. Further reductions in delivery frequency would imply a greater risk of causing negative effects, which would call for the introduction of alternative solutions.

    Read more about the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communication’s proposal (Norwegian)

    Learn more about the study

    For further information, please contact Anna Möller Boivie

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“That fact that the ideas I bring to the table are heard and valued makes my everyday tasks very stimulating. All the trust and responsibilities are there for each of us to earn from Day One.”
Jimmy Gårdebrink, Analyst
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“That fact that the ideas I bring to the table are heard and valued makes my everyday tasks very stimulating. All the trust and responsibilities are there for each of us to earn from Day One.”
Jimmy Gårdebrink, Analyst

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