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In the last 30 years, intellectual property has become an increasingly important asset for companies. However, it is often not recognized on the balance sheet making the identification, substantiation, as well as quantification even more difficult. This may include trademarks, patents, trade secrets, know-how and many other forms of intangibles.

As intellectual property assets and their impact on the business are neither easy to identify, nor frequently traded, quantifying their value can be a difficult and time-consuming task. At the same time, tax authorities, disputes and claims as well as the exploitation of the competitive advantage of own IP require an assessment of IP value for taxation, legal and strategic purposes.

We help our clients by quantifying the economic value of various kinds of intellectual property and intangible assets, employing state-of-the art economic models.

The IP valuation team helps our clients to defend their case against tax authorities and other public bodies as well as against private opponents in case of IP disputes.

Our IP valuation service also enables our clients to make better strategic decisions; for example which markets to invest in, how to build economically-optimized patent portfolios, as well as how to monetize own IP in licensing, sales and leaseback as well as insolvency situations.

Our IP Valuation team helps clients worldwide within all cases of IP Valuation.

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We help our clients with

We support our clients’ transfer pricing needs from a valuation and documentation perspective. We determine arm’s length licensing fees and royalties and defend these in tax audits or disputes. We also help our clients to find feasible transfer pricing solutions for coping with business restructurings, and identify and integrate acquired firms and their IP into the existing group structure. Our methods are based on the most recent local and OECD tax regulations and we employ a transfer pricing method promulgated by these guidelines. 

In cases of IP disputes and conflicts, we are there to support our clients by, for example, assessing or counter-arguing against damages or providing further economic support in legal proceedings. Also, we support M&A work by valuing specific IP, for example of the target company or in joint-ventures or other forms of partnerships. Furthermore, we support our clients’ licensing and merchandising business by determining appropriate license rates, thereby improving the negotiation position.

Often, clients would like to understand the economics of their IP portfolio. We help to answer questions like: What commercialization opportunities do I have with my IP? What is the monetary benefit? Does it make business sense to go into a specific market (market assessment)? Based on our valuation work, clients can make strategic decisions on, for example, whether or how to enter a specific IP-prone market or technology, how to build their patent portfolio to maximize return and what return to expect.

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