Signe Rølmer

Senior Economist

Signe Rølmer helps clients to understand the implications of different policies and behaviours, and to design better regulation and incentives. She is an expert on mining and advises clients through her solid understanding of how regulation affects markets, cost drivers and risk. Signe has great experience analyzing the market for rare earth elements (REE) and its unique value chain, and is a skilled project manager.

Her breadth of experience and expertise has for example helped an Australian mining company with analyzing the company’s economic value to Greenland, and assisted the Swedish Government in assessing the attractiveness of mining jurisdiction from an investment point of view.

I help clients understand the implications of regulation and taxation on mining sector outcomes and how shared value can be created to the benefit of both society and the private sector
Signe Rølmer


Phone: +45 5373 2310
Office: Copenhagen
Education: M.Sc. (Economics)

Recent work

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