Jossi Steen-Knudsen

Senior Economist

Jossi Steen-Knudsen helps both policy makers and private sector clients in making economic analyses within our service areas of Health Care & Welfare, Energy & Climate, and Finance & Tax.

He has extensive experience in economic modelling, cost benefit analysis and applied behavioural economics.

Jossi’s breadth of expertise has, among others, helped the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority with a study on the market for dental services and insurance. Jossi used behavioural economics tools to create a fresh approach to traditional issues in the complex markets. This provided new solutions in areas that previously were not considered.

Jossi has taught a number of courses in economics and statistics at both the University of Copenhagen and Copenhagen Business School.

I particularly excel at applying behavioural and experimental economics to solve standard economic problems
Jossi Steen-Knudsen


Phone: +45 6024 8500
Office: Copenhagen
Education: M.Sc. (Economics)